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June 13, 2000

Office of the President
Steven W. Fitschen

They are arresting Christians for Praying on public sidewalks in our nation’s capital! This outrage must be stopped!

 Dear Friend of the National Legal Foundation:

Everyday, there are people in front of the United States Supreme Court who are protesting and who are praying. But according to a new rule issued by the United States Supreme Court, a minister could be arrested for praying on the sidewalk in front of the Supreme Court!


How could this happen? What did they do?

These Christians, including the Reverend Patrick Mahoney, were holding a prayer vigil in front of the Supreme Court in the days leading up to the partial-birth abortion case.

For two days the Supreme Court guards told him that the prayer vigil was lawful. Suddenly, on the third day, they were arrested and jailed! The reason? The signs that they brought with them were too big and were made of the wrong type of material.

One would think that our freedom of speech does not have a ruler measurement. It is a right guaranteed in our Constitution and the Founding Fathers never intended it to be repressed by rules on size and construction.

Reverend Mahoney was not threatening anyone with his behavior. He was simply leading a prayer vigil with some Christians.

We must fight to protect his rights of free exercise of religion and free speech. And we must protect them now!

The NLF is helping the team of lawyers who are defending Rev. Mahoney and the others. Already the criminal charges have been dropped!

But that is not enough. We are also helping these fine Christians make sure that this doesn’t happen again.

Lawsuits have been filed that ask for two things. First, we want the new rules declared unconstitutional. Second, we want these Christians to be compensated for being arrested and jailed.

Christians should not be jailed for praying.


This case is important for all of us!

If they courts can restrict your freedom of speech based upon the size of your signs then the courts court easily move to restrict free speech based upon its religious content!

We must protect religious speech and we must protect the Constitution!

If this Christian’s rights can be taken away in Washington D.C. then your rights could be taken away on your own streets!

We must stop the foes of religious free speech right now! We must do this to protect not only Reverend Mahoney’s rights but to protect your rights as well.

For Freedom,

Steven W. Fitschen

 P.S. To defend the Christians, we have been forced to name Chief Justice William Rehnquist as a defendant in some of these lawsuits. You see, it was he who approved the regulations under which Rev. Mahoney and the others were arrested.

The lawyers who launched these suits had trouble finding someone willing to take on the Chief Justice. But we knew we had to help them! No one--not even the Chief Justice of the United States--is above the law! If he makes an unconstitutional rule, it must be challenged.

P.P.S. The litigation has already begun! Please send your very best gift today. We must protect prayer in America!.




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