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  To: National Legal Foundation Supporters

From: Steven W. Fitschen, President

Re: Desperate cry for help from a teenager (see below)

Date: June 20, 2001

Below this letter I have printed a copy of an e-mail we received last week.

As you will see for yourself, it is a desperate cry for help from a teen-age boy. He and his sister want to escape from a homosexual household and a Texas court won’t let him.

The details are in the e-mail, but basically, Joshua and Jessica Miller want to leave their mother’s house and go live with their Dad. The reason? Joshua and Jessica’s mother is living with her lesbian lover.

As Joshua explains in his e-mail, his mother is not only exposing the children to her lifestyle, she is pushing homosexual literature on them in an effort to counteract the Biblical beliefs of the children.

It is heart warming to see Joshua take a stand for his Christian beliefs. BUT it is heart breaking to see him and his sister go through this.

Won’t you please help us help them?

This case will take more than one lawyer. In fact, we are currently considering exactly how many lawyers and clerks we can assign to this case. The answer will depend in large part upon your response.

Please  pray about your part in this case. We know how to win these cases. We won a similar case—one involving visitation rights for a lesbian—at the Tennessee Supreme Court.

But we cannot put our expertise to use if we don’t have your financial support.

As always, we will not charge Joshua or Jessica for our legal services. They couldn’t afford to pay anyway. Won’t you please help this twelve-year-old and fourteen-year-old escape their mother’s lifestyle and propaganda?

Their father has been trying to save them from this nightmare for two years.

Now it’s our turn to help!

I Desperately Need Your Help!!!

My name is Joshua Miller. I am 14 years old and I need help badly!

My sister, Jessica, 12 years old, and I have been living with my mother, who is homosexual, for the past several years. Dad has been fighting for custody of both of us for two years through the legal process. In May, a six-person jury ruled that my sister and I stay with my mom and her homosexual partner even after hearing the court appointed psychologist testify that it is an emergency and that we should begin living with our dad immediately. Jessica also wants to live with dad, but she is not ready to take a stand against homosexuality and doesn’t want to hurt mom’s feelings. I am fighting for my right to grow up in a moral, godly household, but I will follow God’s direction, even if God wants me to remain in a household that conflict with my beliefs.

I am currently with my dad for summer visitation through June 22. Last week I told my mom that I did not want to go back to her house. I know I must obey the courts decision; the laws of man, but I’m really struggling with this. My mom does not believe in the Bible and has begun to expose us to homosexual literature conflicting with the Bible and validating her lifestyle. I believe that God has allowed us to be in this situation so that we can be a godly example to other kids going through this kind of situation. Who knows, maybe this will open opportunities for other kids to share their stories.

Can you help? We need all the support that we can possibly get. It will be very difficult to overturn the court’s decision.




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