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October 22, 2001

Office of the President
Steven W. Fitschen

You’ve helped us defend the Ten Commandments before. We stood together to defend Judge Roy Moore’s right to display the Ten Commandments in his courtroom. But now the Ten Commandments are under attack like never before. Let’s defend them again!

Dear Friend of Freedom:

You and I have stood together in the past to defend the Ten Commandments.

I’m sure you remember how the National Legal Foundation and our supporters defended Judge Roy Moore and the Ten Commandments all the way to the Alabama Supreme Court--and won!

Now, as you’ve probably heard, instead of being a defendant at the Alabama Supreme Court, he has become its Chief Justice!

Largely because of Judge Moore’s courageous stand--and the role that you and I played in it--towns and even whole states all across America have decided that it’s time to display the Ten Commandments again.

That is something that you and I can be proud of.

But . . . the American Civil Liberties Union--the ACLU--is not taking this lying down. They have declared war on the Ten Commandments!

It is true that they have always been hostile to the Ten Commandments. They attacked them in 1994 in Utah and in 1991 in New Mexico and even in the 80’s in a few places.

But the attack really started with all the publicity about our Roy Moore case. In 1995, the ACLU attacked Roy and the Ten Commandments in Alabama and also struck in Idaho.

Ever since then, it’s been all-out war. Sometimes the ACLU attacks the Ten Commandments only in the court of public opinion, as they have done in the past few years in New York, Virginia, and Washington state.

However, they usually do much more. Usually, they threaten to sue--or actually sue--cities, towns, or counties . . . in an effort to blackmail them into taking down the Ten Commandments. They usually say something like, "If you lose, you’ll have to pay our legal fees. And even if you win, it will cost you so much to defend this law suit that your taxes will go up."

Sometimes they testify against the Ten Commandments in state or local hearings, trying to convince officials that it’s unconstitutional to display the Ten Commandments. Sometimes they do both.

    • In 1997, the ACLU attacked the Ten Commandments in South Carolina and Wisconsin.
    • In 1998, they attacked in Arkansas.
    • In 1999, it was California, Delaware, and Ohio.
    • In 2000, the attacks came in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Mississippi, and Missouri.
    • This year, Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee have been battlegrounds.

You can see the ACLU is building a head of steam . . . and we must stop them!

Some of these states have seen more than one attack. And some of the lawsuits go on for years.

We fight as many as we can. And I want to tell you briefly about one case that we are involved with right now.

The ACLU has sued three counties in Kentucky over displays of the Ten Commandments. When the judge issued an injunction against the original displays, the counties changed the displays to try to make them comply with the judge’s order.

Instead of honoring the counties’ good faith effort, the ACLU asked the judge to hold them in contempt of court! The ACLU actually wanted to throw county officials in jail for trying to find a way to keep the Ten Commandments up while still honoring the judge’s order.

These are the type of anti-religious bigots we are up against!

Now the lawyers who have been defending the case have directly contacted us and asked us to file a brief in this case. Our expertise in this area is well known.

Because of our defense of Judge Roy Moore, you and I together have made so much difference in this country on this issue. Now these courageous county officials in Kentucky have taken up the cause. We must help them, too.

I know they--and I--can count on you! Let’s keep up the good fight.

Defending our Religious Heritage,

 Steven W. Fitschen

P.S. As the examples I gave in this letter show, any city, town, or state could be next--including yours. When we stand strong in Kentucky, we stand strong everywhere. Our brief is already in production and must be filed next week. Please let me hear from you today with your very best gift!




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