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January 14, 2002

Office of the President
Steven W. Fitschen

Dear Friend of the National Legal Foundation:

Although 2001 has just ended and 2002 has begun, the fight for freedom never ends!

We can’t fight it according to the calendar. The battle doesn’t start or end on schedule. As the defenders of religious liberty, we must always be ready for battle . . . new skirmishes constantly erupt, and the old ones hardly ever die out completely.

For example, consider the battle for our nation’s public schools. Even though the Supreme Court ruled in our favor in the famous Mergens Bible Club case -- TWELVE YEARS AGO! -- we continue to have to defend student Bible Clubs.

Students in Bible clubs are routinely told that they cannot have the same access to the morning announcements and the bulletin board that all other clubs enjoy.

Or worse yet . . . some schools try to tell our children that they cannot even carry a Bible with them in school. What an outrage!

My friend, THE ENEMIES OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM -- radical groups like the ACLU, People for the American Way, the homosexual activists and their allies -- refuse to stop their assault on our liberties.

That’s why I’m asking you to return join our fight in the year 2002 or mail your gift to the National Legal Foundation today.

We never charge a fee for the legal services we provide. Many of the people and organizations we represent couldn’t afford to pay if we did. But our freedoms are precious. They must be defended, no matter what the cost. And that’s why we need you.

Bible clubs and students’ personal Bibles aren’t the only battlefronts. The Ten Commandments remain under attack. In fact, so does our national motto, "In God We Trust." We must remain strong to fight the ACLU on both of these issues!

Thanks to our friends like you, we have been able to file some very important briefs in incredibly important cases involving these issues . . . and we must be financially ready to do the same in the future.

You probably remember that I’ve recently written to tell you just how hot the battle is over the Ten commandments . . . BUT the fiercest battle of all may be the continuing struggle to defend the family. Since 1991, the National Legal Foundation has been fighting to protect the family from being redefined . . . and to protect your right to believe what the Bible says about homosexuality without being labeled a bigot!

This coming year will be a critical time in the battle against the homosexual agenda. In 2001 we fought in Georgia and elsewhere to stop the spread of civil unions. We are continuing to work with pro-family forces on a state-by-state effort to protect every state . . . including yours.

But we are also working at the federal level. Believe it or not, it may take an amendment to the United States Constitution to totally protect marriage in America.

The battle will be fierce. But with your help, we will be there.

And that’s not all. The battle over Internet pornography looks like it will heat up. The United States Supreme Court heard two Internet pornography cases at the end of 2001 . . . cases that you helped us file briefs in. BUT the results will be known in 2002.

And whether we win or lose, the pornography battle at the Supreme Court will then be fought out in the lower federal courts for a long time to come. And we must be ready!

We want to do all these things . . . and more. But we must make choices based on the funds available. That’s why your renewal today is urgently needed. Now is the time we must make decisions about which major cases and activities to undertake this year. THIS IS THE CRUCIAL HOUR.

Please take a moment right now to pray about your part. Your gift today mailed to the address below will make a wonderful difference in all our ongoing battles to defend religious freedom.

If you don’t help today, groups such as the ACLU and the People for the American Way will continue to censor religion from our public schools . . . and the homosexual activists will succeed in redefining marriage.

The defense of freedom and decency rests in your hands. Please join us in the next few days.

For Freedom,
Steven W. Fitschen

P.S. In many ways, the deck has been stacked against us. As the nation reels from the recession and the after-effects of September 11, giving to organizations like the National Legal Foundation is down. While giving to the other side may be off, too, they are so much better funded that by comparison, they think they can hit us while we’re down. On top of that, much of the federal judiciary is out of control. When President Bush first came into office he made re-capturing the federal judiciary a top priority. But now, the liberal forces in Congress are holding up his nominees.

We must fight back harder this year than ever before. We can’t do it without you. Please send your renewal card and your gift today. Let’s protect the unborn, hold the line on pornography, defend the family, and guard religious liberty!




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