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January 31, 2002

Office of the President
Steven W. Fitschen

We won a crucial victory in Georgia. The traditional family is safe . . . for now. But the radical homosexuals will not give up. We must be prepared for the next major assault!

Dear Friend of the National Legal Foundation:

We did it!

With your help—and with God’s—we have achieved an incredibly important victory in Georgia.

Two lesbians there were trying to convince a court to redefine marriage. But with your financial and prayer help we were able to file an important brief in the case and to persuade the court not to redefine marriage!

This was an incredibly important victory. BUT THE BATTLE IS FAR FROM OVER.

After I tell you about our victory, I will tell you why we need your continued support in this critical battle. I’ve written to you about this case before but let me remind you of the situation:

Several years ago, Darian and Susan Burns divorced. The reason? Susan had entered into a lesbian relationship.

Thankfully, Darian was given custody of the couple’s children. Furthermore, the visitation agreement prohibited either parent from having visitation if that parent was co-habiting or having overnight "visitors."

Then Susan found a new lesbian lover. And this time, she went to Vermont to get a "civil union."

So, of course, Susan wanted to ignore the visitation agreement and expose her children to her lesbian lover and the homosexual "lifestyle." She wanted the court to declare that her "civil union"—with another woman!—was a marriage.

But in our brief we presented persuasive legal arguments that helped convince the court not to redefine marriage.

It’s unbelievable that such arguments even have to be made. But they do! Radical homosexuals have convinced the cultural elites—including many lawyers and judges—that homosexuality is just another lifestyle choice and that same-sex unions are the moral equivalent of marriage.

That’s why we count on your financial and prayer support. We must go into court and make, not just common sense arguments, but complex legal arguments that will persuade judges to hold the line.

And with your help that’s just what we did in Georgia. In fact, in many ways the court’s opinion tracked our brief almost idea-by-idea:

  • We argued that Susan’s civil union could not be a marriage because, under Vermont law, marriage is reserved for opposite-sex couples and civil unions are reserved for same-sex couples. The court wrote the same thing.
  • We also argued that even if—for the sake of argument—Susan’s civil union was the functional equivalent of marriage in Vermont, Georgia was not forced to recognize it as a marriage. The court wrote the same thing.
  • We even gave very specific reasons why Georgia should not recognize Susan’s civil union as a marriage. The court used four of the reasons we gave!
  • We also argued that only the Georgia legislature, not the Georgia courts, could define marriage. AGAIN, THE COURT AGREED!

This is the kind of difference you make when you help fund our work . . . and when you pray.

And this is why I need you to continue to give and pray. Even as I write this letter, we are waiting to see if Susan’s lawyers will appeal. We must be ready if they do. BUT . . . even if they don’t, we must be ready for the next battle when it comes. And believe me, it will come.

The radical homosexuals can smell victory. As I mentioned before, they have already captured the hearts and minds of many of the elites. Now it looks like they may be on the verge of capturing public opinion too.

A Gallup Poll released this past summer contains some very scary statistics. Fifty-two percent of Americans now believe that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle. Fifty-four percent now believe that homosexual relationships should be legal.

But we know that God’s truth is not subject to public opinion polls. That’s why you and I need to keep up the good fight.

With your prayers and gifts we will have the staff and creative ideas to file more briefs and accept more cases that will help protect marriage and the family. We can do it!

For the Family,
Steven W. Fitschen

P.S. Please remember that these cases don’t just impact "the big picture"—although that is incredibly important. They also impact individual families and children. When you helped us file the brief in the Georgia case, you helped us protect two precious children from the harmful influence of the lesbian lifestyle.

By giving your very best gift today, you will help us protect more children. In fact, if we can, we need to file a brief in a homosexual adoption case from Florida. Your gift will help make that possible.




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