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April 24, 2003

Office of the President
Steven W. Fitschen

A liberal judge has ruled that homosexual partners must legally be treated as spouses. We must act now to get this terrible decision overturned!

Dear Friend of the National Legal Foundation:

The friends and supporters of the National Legal Foundation have helped us defended marriage many times before.

And now . . . I need your help to do it again.

Just this week we were alerted to a dangerous case from New York. Before I tell you the details, you need to understand that an opinion has already been issued in which a liberal judge has declared that a homosexual’s "partner" must be considered a spouse under New York law!

This outrage must be reversed . . . and we need your prayers and financial help to do it. The research for our brief is already under way . . . even as the trial continues.

Now let me tell you the details.

Neal Spicehandler—a homosexual—was hit by a car and hospitalized at St. Vincent’s Hospital of New York, a Catholic hospital. Unfortunately, Neal died after two surgeries.

What should have been a tragic loss of life has instead become another opportunity for homosexual activists to try to re-define marriage.

You see, when Neal died, his "partner," John Langan, sued the hospital for wrongful death. The problem is . . . only a spouse can bring such a lawsuit.

So instead of accepting the fact that he could not sue the hospital, John—and the homosexual activist lawyers who took his case—said we don’t care about the laws of New York. John doesn’t care that if a man and a woman lived together out of wedlock, they would not be able to bring a wrongful death suit either. He doesn’t care that EVEN SOME SPOUSES can’t recover for a wrongful death.

You see, this is part and parcel of the homosexual strategy: pick a case with heart wrenching facts so that it’s hard for Christians to take a stand.

But we don’t have to fall for this trick.


We can agree with the homosexual activists that the loss of Neal’s life was tragic . . . especially if they are correct that it was due to malpractice.

BUT at the same time, we can insist that marriage is sacred and entitled to certain protections and privileges. If the state of New York has decided that ONLY spouses (and only some spouses, at that) can bring wrongful death suits, we need make sure that this liberal judge doesn’t get away with redefining marriage so that homosexuals can get "rights" they’re not entitled to.

They have really combined two of their agenda items here: they want special rights that unmarried heterosexuals don’t have and they want to redefine marriage. Furthermore, they want to force this view on a Catholic hospital—despite the Catholic church’s moral opposition to homosexuality.

As crazy as this case may sound to you and me, it is not so crazy in the hands of a liberal judge. You see, John and Neal had gone to Vermont to get a "civil union." Now, John is arguing that that his "civil union" is the same as a marriage.

And now you and I must stand up to this attack! Remember, the judge has already ruled that John is a spouse—that his civil union is a marriage.

If we don’t win here, marriage as we know it—as God intended it—could be destroyed!

We must find the courage to stand up to the name-calling that is sure to come. We must be willing to see through the personal tragedy of Neal’s death and make sure that it does not become just one more tool in the hands of the homosexual activists.

It is no accident that John is being represented by Lambda Legal Defense Fund . . . one of the most radical and well-funded homosexual organizations in the country!

And that’s why I need your prayerful and financial support. We must meet the challenge.

We must match their funding with funding of our own.

Please pray today about sending your very best gift. This sneak attack on the definition of marriage must be STOPPED!

In defense of marriage,

Steven W. Fitschen

P.S. The appeal in this case could come at any moment—the trial is continuing even as I write. As I mentioned, our research for our brief is already under way. Please help us be ready with your very best donation today!




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