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May 29, 2003

Office of the President
Steven W. Fitschen

The State of Washington has blatantly discriminated against Christians! The case is now headed to the United States Supreme Court and we need your help to stop end the bigotry!

 Dear Friend of the National Legal Foundation:

As hard as it is to believe, the State of Washington wants to discriminate against Christians!

Let me you tell about this outrageous situation . . . and ask for your immediate assistance.

Washington State created a program to help promising lower and middle income kids go to college. If you are in the proper income brackets, are in the top ten percent of your high school class, and go to an in-state college or university, you get the money automatically . . . unless you want to study theology! Then you don’t get a dime!

But now one brave young man is fighting this bigotry . . . and we need your help to help him.

Joshua Davey is a bright young man. He was in the top 10% of his high school class (the program now gives money to those in the top 15%—but he met the tougher original standard). He was actually awarded the scholarship. BUT . . . when he told officials that he wanted to study theology at a Christian college, they took his money away!

Technically, I guess, they would have done the same thing at any college—not just a Christian college—which offered a theology degree, but wait until you hear why they took his money away.

According to the Federal Appeals Court that heard Joshua’s case, here’s why Washington took Joshua’s money away:

    • Students at Joshua’s college—Northwest College—are required to acknowledge " personal commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior."
    • Northwest educates its students from a "distinctly Christian" point of view.
    • All classes are based on the assumption that the Bible is true.
    • Joshua wants to become a minister.

What an outrage!

That’s why I need your help today.

Joshua won in the Court of Appeals. But as I said, Washington wants to keep the anti-religious element in its program. So it asked the United States Supreme Court to take the case . . . and the Court has taken the case!

Now is our chance to address the United States Supreme Court on this vital issue. We will file an amicus brief explaining why this anti-religious—and in particular, anti-Christian—bigotry cannot be allowed to stand.

As you know, the Supreme Court is totally unpredictable. Even though the Court of Appeals ruled the right way and even though the bigotry is so blatant, we can’t be sure that the Court will rule the right way. That’s why it’s imperative that we file this brief with powerful, persuasive arguments.

As I’ve written to you before, we have a great track record of influencing courts with our amicus briefs.

All that I need to make this brief is a reality is your prayers and your financial support.

Whenever I see a young person who is willing to take a stand for what is right, I want to help him all I can. I know you feel the same way. Together, you and I can make sure that Joshua’s efforts will not be in vain. Let’s do it!

For religious liberty,
Steven W. Fitschen


P.S. Our brief to the United States Supreme Court on the Pledge of Allegiance case—which I wrote to you about in an earlier letter—is going out in the mail tomorrow. As soon as it does, the entire legal team will turn our attention to the brief in Joshua’s case. Please send your very best gift today so that I will know that the funding is available for this work and for all the other work we are handling right now. And thanks again!




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