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July 18, 2003

Office of the President
Steven W. Fitschen

The United States Supreme Court has given the homosexual agenda a huge boost! And the homosexual activists are wasting no time in taking advantage of it. We must fight back to save our country!

 Dear Friend of the National Legal Foundation:

The United States Supreme Court has done it again!

As I am sure you know, in a case called Lawrence v. Texas, the Court has declared that there is a constitutional right to homosexual sodomy! The Framers of our Constitution must be rolling over in their graves!

But the damage goes beyond finding a constitutional right to sodomy. The opinion has given a huge boost to the homosexual agenda.

In fact, as you may also know, many Christian commentators have predicted that any day now the Massachusetts Supreme Court, influenced by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision, may force same-sex marriage on Massachusetts . . . and the country!

In fact, I delayed this letter for several days so that I could give you an update on that case. But I just can’t wait any longer. Even if the case comes down while this letter is in the mail, I wanted to write to you without further delay.

First, I am going to tell you how bad things really are! BUT THEN I AM GOING TO ASK YOU TO RENEW YOUR DEDICATION TO STOPPING THE HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA! We cannot stop now. We must fight like we’ve never fought before. I need you and all of our dear friends to redouble your efforts. We must all pray and give like we never have before.

In his dissenting opinion in Lawrence, Justice Scalia pointed out that this case would open the door to a host of abominations. He feared that laws against prostitution, bigamy, bestiality, incest, and same-sex marriage would all be declared unconstitutional if challenged.

And Justice Scalia was not just crying wolf. Here is a partial list of what has happened in the few short days since the Lawrence decision was handed down:

    • The Supreme Court sent a criminal conviction for sodomy between MINORS back to the Kansas Supreme Court.
    • The ACLU sued the Christian Coalition because they refused to allow homosexuals in their Family Day Parade.
    • The court ordered additional briefing in the New Jersey same-sex marriage case, and a new same-sex marriage case has been filed in Arizona.
    • The Maryland, Delaware, and California legislatures have all begun to discuss or pass homosexual-friendly bills . . . everything from anti-sexual orientation discrimination bills to civil union bills.
    • Numerous cities and counties have recognized domestic partners—either by offering these benefits to all their employees, by negotiating for them with a particular union or, worst of all, agreeing to register domestic partnerships . . . just like states register marriages. Among the localities that have done this are Fulton County, Georgia; Cook County, Illinois; Nassau County, New York; West Warwick, Rhode Island; and Tucson, Arizona.
    • In addition, the state of California has given new property rights to domestic partners.
    • A lesbian couple is challenging Utah’s ban on homosexual adoption.
    • A Lubbock, Texas school has been sued over its refusal to allow a so-called "Gay-Straight Alliance" club.
    • A homosexual Vietnam Veteran has sued the federal government, challenging the federal sodomy statute and the military’s "Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell" policy.
    • Vermont started giving Medicaid benefits to those with "civil unions."
    • A North Carolina court said that its law against soliciting sodomy is unconstitutional.
    • And on the business front, the results are coming fast and furious, too . . . perhaps best illustrated by Wal-Mart’s decision to create an anti-sexual orientation policy.

BUT WE MUST NOT DESPAIR! I AM NOT WRITING TO YOU TO CAUSE YOU TO GIVE UP. Just the opposite . . . I am writing to ask you to be more determined than ever.

Even if the Massachusetts same-sex marriage case comes down the wrong way, we MUST NOT GIVE UP!

In the weeks since Lawrence has come down, I have talked to the staff here at he National Legal Foundation about not giving up. In fact, that has been the focus of our staff devotions.

One of the things I shared with the staff is the oft-repeated verse "Be strong and courageous." This verse occurs frequently in many books of the Bible, but especially in the book of Joshua, when God’s people were told to capture the Promised Land.

In a time of war, God told his people over and over again, "Be strong and courageous." And we are very much in a time of war—a Culture War. This truly is the Battle for the Soul of America.

We must all be strong and courageous. And that is why I am asking you to renew your commitment to pray for our battles and to renew your commitment to support the National Legal Foundation financially.

We have already taken steps to fight back. We have started working on a brief that we will file at the Montana Supreme Court in a case in which several lesbian couples are trying to force the university system to give their same-sex lovers insurance benefits that are now available only to spouses.

In fact, we have been working in anticipation of this day for years. You may have heard in the news about the Federal Marriage Amendment—a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution that will limit marriage in the United States to one man and one woman.


And I can tell you that I have been in contact with Christian leaders from all across America in the last few weeks, trying to make sure that we get the best language possible for the Amendment . . . language that will win this battle once and for all.

The homosexuals may have the Supreme Court on their side, but a constitutional amendment will take the issue out of their hands.

HOWEVER, a constitutional amendment will take a lot of time and effort. In the meantime, we will fight every fight that we can—like the one at the Montana Supreme Court.

All of this work will take a huge financial investment by the National Legal Foundation. And that is where you come in. As you know, we do not charge our clients for our services. All of our legal assistance is free. And in some of our most important "Friend of the Court" briefs, there is no client—we simply appear before the court on our own behalf.

And when I say that we appear on our own behalf, I really mean that we are representing YOUR voice and the voices of all of our other supporters.

Christians must continue to urge the courts to stop their madness.

And as you know, even with so many radical judges on the benches today, we often win!

But whether we win or lose, we know that God has called us to continue the fight. And for that I need your prayers and your financial assistance.

We want to be involved with all of the cases that I described to you above . . . we don’t want the other side to get any unopposed victories. BUT UNLESS WE HAVE THE RESOURCES IN THE BANK, WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO FIGHT THEM ALL.

On August 1, we will lose four student interns that have been assisting us this summer. This is just one way in which we try to make your dollar go further—every summer we take advantage of a program that provides us with the free services of outstanding law students. This summer we had four. But when they leave, I need to hire part-time clerks for the next year.

Now is not the time to reduce our work force. Now is the time to increase our work force.

We have never faced such a sustained assault by the homosexual activists . . . and that’s saying something since they have been so aggressive for so long!

Please stand with us. Please pray and please send your very best gift today.

Let’s join together and say to God, to our country, to our allies, and to our adversaries "We will be strong and courageous!"

Standing fast,
Steven W. Fitschen

P.S. As I told you, our brief to the Montana Supreme Court is already being written. We also expect the fallout from the Massachusetts same-sex marriage case any day now. We are already overloaded and that does not even take into account our work in defense of religious liberty. Please let me hear from you today! Once the Montana brief goes out in the mail, I will have to evaluate how many of the other cases we can get involved in.




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