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January 30, 2004


Office of the President

Steven W. Fitschen


Homosexual law professors and other radical elites want to hold America’s military recruiters hostage to their radical agenda.  We must stop them!


Dear Friend of Freedom,


The tactics of the homosexual activists and their allies never fail to shock me . . . even as long as I’ve been in this business and as many times as we’ve done battle head-to-head.


Now a group of radical elitist law professors—including several who are homosexuals—along with homosexual law school organizations and a few students have banded together to keep military recruiters off virtually every law school campus in America because of its “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy.


BUT . . . they want to keep forcing the military to give them money!


Yes, that’s right, they want to force the military off their campuses while also forcing the military to keep giving them money.  Let me explain . . . and let me tell you why I need to hear from you immediately and why we urgently need your support in this incredible new battle!


A few years back, Congress got wise to the radical elites who run so many of America’s colleges and universities . . . and law schools.  So they passed a law that said that any college or university that refuses to allow military recruiters to come on campus on equal terms with all other employers would lose all federal grants and research money.


But they were even smarter.  They figured out that some smaller units within a college might try to act on their own.  So Congress declared that if, for example, a law school decided to refuse the military access to its campus, the entire university of which it was a part would lose its money.


This seems completely just.  Why should the military continue to give grants to law

schools—or any college or university—that seek to hinder Congress in its constitutionally mandated job of raising and training our military?

Here’s how several Congressmen put it when the law was being passed:


¨      Tell recipients of Federal money at colleges and universities that if you do not like the Armed Forces, if you do not like its policies, that is fine.  That is your First Amendment right.  But do not expect Federal dollars to support your interference with our military recruiters.


¨      Starry-eyed idealism comes with a price.  If they are too good—or too righteous—to treat our Nation’s military with the respect it deserves . . . then they may also be too good to receive the generous level of taxpayer dollars presently enjoyed by many institutions of higher education in America.


So what’s the problem?  The homosexual law professors and the other radical elites in the law schools are outraged that the military can still have a “Don’t ask; don’t tell” policy on homosexuality.  They think that the military should allow open homosexuality in our Armed Forces.


So they decided that they would organize to keep military recruiters off law school campuses.  But, that means losing all that Federal money.


What’s a poor homosexual activist or radical elitist to do?  Why sue, of course!


They are trying to get the law declared unconstitutional in a federal court.  That way they can continue to push their holier-than-thou pro-homosexual agenda down the throats of the military . . . and of all their students . . . AND keep getting all that federal money!


I personally know many active military personnel and Reservists who have been deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere around the world since 9/11 . . and you probably do, too.  We are at war on terror!  Our military recruiters do not need to be hampered by elitist law school professors with a radical agenda.


I need to know that I can count on your help to stand up to this outrage.


Please let me hear from you today!


                                                For freedom,


                                                Steven W. Fitschen



P.S.  Please respond with your very best gift without delay.  Our brief is due at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on February 13—just days from now!


P.P.S.  As I told you in my last letter, we desperately need to hire two more law clerks.  We are actively interviewing for the first of those positions now.  We are trusting that when we have selected the very best candidate, we will actually have the funds to go ahead with the hire.  Please pray about your part in helping to fund this organization.  Without your contributions—and your prayers—we couldn’t fight the good fight.  Thanks again.





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