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  1. Why aren't you just consolidating your efforts with similar type of organizations?
  2. Who is the ACLU?
  3. Don't you think that your fight is just a losing battle?

Why aren't you just consolidating your efforts with similar type of organizations?

We certainly appreciate the concern over the proliferation of groups such as ours. The National Legal Foundation and the other Christian legal advocacy groups are very similar organizations. The NLF is a firm dedicated to the preservation of America's God-given freedoms and constitutional rights. Since the NLF was founded in 1985, we have been actively involved in defending religious liberty throughout the courtrooms of the United States. We are not only committed to defending the principles embodied in the Constitution, but seek to enlighten the American people about how these constitutional issues effect their lives.

Our goal is to make the American people aware of the law's personal impact. The erosion of our religious freedom is real. If the leaders and lay people in communities across America are not aware of the danger, they will be ill-prepared to respond when their rights are violated. It is this lack of readiness that the National Legal Foundation seeks to avoid.

Even with the existence of several similar groups, numerous worthy cases are turned down each year. We could actually use more groups, not less. Please be assured that the various groups have worked together in the past and, as the occasion arises, may do so in the future. Back to Top

Who is the ACLU?

The ACLU was founded in 1920. Its original purpose was to defend communism in America, and the right for free speech for the communist agenda (no matter how violent or radical). However, the ACLU opposed the right to express anti-Communist sentiments.

In later years, the ACLU claimed to defend constitutional rights based on the Bill of Rights. However, it is very selective in what it calls rights. The ACLU is against morality and Christianity. In the past, it has defended pornography as freedom of expression. It considers limitation to obscenity unconstitutional. The ACLU defends homosexual rights, such as the right to marry and adopt children. Also, the ACLU believes that the First Amendment actually gives freedom from religion. As a result, they have fought school prayer and have tried to remove symbols of Christianity, such as Nativity scenes and the Ten Commandments from the public realm. This interpretation of the First Amendment actually devalues Christianity and hinders the Christians’ right to freedom of religion.
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Don't you think that your fight is just a losing battle?

We have seen many victories in the battle for religious freedom. The Mergens case, for example, legalized bible clubs in public schools. Scripture exhorts us to fight the good fight and not grow weary of doing good (Ephesians 6:10-20). We believe God has called us to challenge the tainted framework of American law. That which is not challenged, will not change.

The frameworkthe foundationwas originally sound. We fight to undo those things that have tainted it, primarily the aggressive secularist agenda designed to remove the influence of our godly heritage.

We urge you to keep up the hope and faith in God that justice will prevail. We cannot simply stand on the sidelines and watch this country's moral fabric unravel. 
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