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As you know, the National Legal Foundation is a legal advocacy firm dedicated to the preservation and defense of Americans' inalienable rights and constitutional freedoms. For the last decade, the National Legal Foundation has actively defended citizens' freedoms of religion, speech, and assembly.

Because we are engaged in a vital work, we earnestly desire your support and prayers. Now, we offer you a simple suggestion on how you can continue your support.

LifeLine is an alternative long distance service that will contribute 10% of your long distance phone bill to the work of the National Legal Foundation. LifeLine will match the quality of your current long distance service, and make a contribution to the NLF, allowing us to carry on the work set before us.

Please consider the information below. After reading it, simply call LifeLine toll free at 1-800-493-2002 to sign up--and be sure to tell them you want 10% of your long distance bill to go to the National Legal Foundation (our account number is 21864). 

Thank you for your support. Your decision to make LifeLine your long distance carrier will yield great benefits for our work.




LifeLine is the tradename for AmeriVision Communications, Inc. formed in May of 1990. LifeLine is a Christian long-distance telephone service with the purpose of helping ministries raise additional revenue. Ten percent of every domestic long-distance call is returned to the participating ministry.

When this concept was first announced many said it would not work. Eight years of tremendous growth at LifeLine has established that the LifeLine concept works well.

The main reason for the company's success is that it gives money to organizations which promote Biblical values and principles. Other major long distance carriers do not support such ideals with their profits. With their advertising, they spend milllions of your dollars each year supporting sex and violence on television, and LifeLine feels this is a major cause for the moral decay and increased violence of the youth in our country. With your money, they also support gay rights, abortion, and liberal views. LifeLine is in direct opposition to what the other carriers support. It supports justice and moral values in our nation. LifeLine is pro-life and pro-family. It takes a stand against abortion, the homosexual lifesytle and sex and violence on television. They only support organizations which do the same. LifeLine is currently giving over $1,000,000 each month to ministries nationwide.

If you are asking yourself, “How can I make a difference in restoring America today and at the same time help my favorite charity?” then sign up for LifeLine. Call (800) 493-2002 to sign up today, and be sure to tell them you want 10% of your long distance bill to go to the National Legal Foundation (our account number is 21864). 

Please remember that when you become a customer of LifeLine, you continue to use the phone as you always have, but with one advantage. Now, you can “change the nation with every call you make.” Please help fight for religious freedom.




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