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The National Legal Foundation has opened its own in-house think tank. Our research will focus on the relationship between law and public policy from a distinctly Christian point of view.

The Minuteman Institute also produces a periodic newsletter.  Click here to subscribe.

Volume 14, Number 1


Many times it seems that the radical left has cornered the market on influential thinking in America.  Just turn on your television and see who's being interviewed.   Check the newspaper and see who's testifying before Congress.  With the increase in popularity of talk radio, conservatives and, to a lesser extent Christians, have discovered their voices.  But it's not enough to preach to the choir. 

That is why we started the Minuteman Institute as an important part of the NLF.  Law and public policy must go hand-in-hand.  The truth about American history must be told.  Congress must hear testimony from people who are unapologetic about being Christians.  It’s not enough to have conservative think tanks, radio shows, newspapers and magazines.  We must have Christian think tanks, radio shows, newspapers and magazines.

The NLF will keep fighting for religious freedom in America.  We will not give in to the radical homosexual agenda.  Neither will we allow the radical leftists who have cornered the market on thinking in America to go unchallenged.  We will contend for the minds of our young people in high schools, colleges, and graduate schools where the leftists and atheists are still alive and well today.

The Minuteman Institute is a part of winning that battle.  It will produce books, articles, interviews, and testimony on the following critical areas of study:

Early American Studies -- Some people, even some Christians, say that America never was a Christian nation.  Or that if she was, it doesn’t matter any more.  We’ll prove otherwise.  We will show that if we don’t know what America was, we can’t restore her to what God intended her to be.  The NLF believes that God intended America to be a “sending nation,” that is, a nation that sends missionaries to the ends of the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  If that is true America’s public policy should reflect that fact!

Classical Liberal Studies -- Most people don’t even know that the terms “liberal” and “conservative” have flip-flopped.  It is now the conservatives who are the heirs to the classical liberal thinking that influenced our Founding Fathers.  We will rediscover and make available this thinking, as well as the writings of the Founders themselves.  Men like Washington, Jefferson, Adams, and Henry.

Constitutional Studies -- We will inform Congress, the public, and others about the Constitutional thinking that the National Legal Foundation has long embraced.  We will show how the Constitution has been perverted and stood on its head!

Religion and Society Studies -- We are tired of Christians being treated like second class citizens and a danger to society.  The Minuteman Institute will document the blessing that Christianity is to American society.

Pro-Life Studies -- We will stand up for the unborn, the elderly, and the infirm--all of whom are in danger in America today.  The Minuteman Institute will be ever at the ready to defend the defenseless.

Family Studies -- Family is the bulwark of society.  That is why it is under attack from the radical feminists and the militant homosexuals.  While the legal team of the National Legal Foundation defends that family in court, the Minuteman Institute will defend it from the onslaught of the social engineers.

Judicial Monitoring Program -- Why should the ACLU and the American Bar Association pass judgment on America’s judges?  The Minuteman Institute will comment and testify concerning judicial nominations.



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