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Steven W. Fitschen

Three same-sex "couples" are suing the State of Vermont for infringing on their "fundamental right" to marry. And, believe it or not, they are being aided in their quest by an Alaska judge. Keep reading to find out why there is no fundamental right to homosexual marriage and how you and I can win this battle.

Dear Friend,

    As you are aware, the National Legal Foundation has been involved for many years in the battle against the radical homosexual agenda.

    We have viewed this as a long term battle . . . and that is exactly what it has been!

    We were in Colorado for the fight over Amendment 2. We said homosexuals didn't deserve special rights that you and I don't have.

    We fought the same battle again in Cincinnati over Issue 3. Although it looked bleak at the outset, we finally won a victory last October when the Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that Issue 3 was Constitutional!

    And when the homosexuals try to get the Supreme Court to overturn our Issue 3 victory, we'll be there again!

    We were there--and are still there--for the Hawaii same-sex marriage case. We helped form the National Campaign to Protect Marriage.

    You see, getting approval of same-sex marriages is the heart and soul of the homosexual agenda and a battle that we have fought with every ounce of our strength. We have worked side-by-side and hand-in-hand with every major pro-family organization in the country.

    BUT, all of that work is facing its biggest challenge ever thanks to one disingenuous judge in Alaska, and one very liberal judicial system in Vermont!

    In February of this year, an Alaska judge turned the battle over homosexual marriage on its head. For twenty-five years courts had stated that there was NO FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT TO HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE! With one stroke of the judicial pen Judge Michalski reframed the core issue.

    How did he do it?

    He changed the terms of the debate. This judge said there may not be a fundamental right to same-sex marriage, but there is a fundamental right to the "recognition of one's choice of life partner." In other words, as long as we call it something else, there is a fundamental right to homosexual marriage!

    Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there.

    The radical homosexuals have hand-picked the state of Vermont, because of its liberal judicial system, to test this new definition of marriage in yet another same-sex marriage case. AND THEY ARE RELYING COMPLETELY ON THE OPINION OF THIS ALASKA JUDGE!

    Let me remind you why it is so critical that we actively engage this battle in every single state where it is waged. Should any state begin to acknowledge homosexual marriages as "legitimate" unions, every other state would come under increasing pressure to do the same. And--should the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) ever fall to a challenge at the Supreme Court--every state could find itself forced to give recognition to the "marriages" granted elsewhere.

    That's why we need your help immediately! The Alaska and Vermont cases have both been appealed to their state Supreme Courts. The National Legal Foundation has already begun work on the brief that we will submit to the Vermont Court.

    As you are aware, briefs submitted to state Supreme Courts are expensive. Although some organizations spend considerably more, our estimate for the Vermont brief is $15,000! But, we will also be submitting a brief to the Alaska Supreme Court as well. We believe that we must get the Alaska high court to overturn the incredible decision of Judge Michalski. That is approximately $30,000 in expenses in just the next few weeks.

    As I stated, we have already begun work on the Vermont brief, and as soon as it is completed we will begin work on the Alaska brief. Our brief is due in Vermont on May 1st, just 10 days from now (less by the time you get this letter) and the Alaska brief is due just a few weeks later.

    Both of these cases are critical because they will both probably be decided before the Hawaii case that I've written about before. That is why we are asking for your immediate help today!

    You have stood with us in the past, and we need you to stand with us again so that we can continue to fight the radical homosexual agenda.

    There is no single front that better defines the goals of this movement than the same-sex marriage front. If they can win the battle over marriage--adoption, foster parenting, and a litany of other social institutions will also become their prey.

    Please stand with us today.

    In defense of marriage and the family,

Steven W. Fitschen

P.S. You have made every battle possible. Thank you for your past support, and your concern over these issues. We know that we can count on your help in defeating this radical agenda once again. Please remember--a victory by the homosexuals in any state will have an impact on marriage in all states!

Your gift of $100, $50, $25, or whatever you can send will help us continue this fight.




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