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Youth Alive v. Hauppauge School District

A public high school for three years has refused to recognize a group of students' right to meet as a Bible club and has continually denied them the benefits provided to approved student clubs.


Complaint   Filed by the NLF on March 14, 2008

Commissioned 2 Love v. Savannah State University

A public university expelled a Christian student organization because its members preached the gospel and washed one another's feet as Christ washed the disciples' feet. The University alleged that such activities constituted "harassment" and "hazing" under its policies.


Complaint    Filed by the NLF on March 1, 2007


VICTORY! After suffering a defeat to their motion to dismiss, the University realized that they should allow Commissioned 2 Love back on campus.

Webb v. City of Republic, Missouri

A First Amendment, Establishment Clause battle to determine whether a city seal containing a religious symbol is constitutional. We say YES! The ACLU doesn't agree, and wants the symbol removed.

Complaint    Filed by the ACLU on July 1, 1998
Answer        Filed by the NLF on July 16, 1998

White v. Thompson

Homosexuals want full parental rights concerning "their" children--including visitation privileges when a homosexual "couple" breaks up. This is just another front in the war to redefine the family. A war we cannot afford to lose. LATEST UPDATE

United States v. Smith

A First Amendment, pro-life case challenging the constitutionality of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE).

Case Summary
Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE), 18 USC 248

Equality Foundation of Greater Cincinnati v. Cincinnati

When pro-homosexual forces say they only want to be treated like everyone else--don’t believe them! The City of Cincinnati passed an ordinance denying homosexuals special rights. But the homosexuals don't want to settle for equal treatment, so they challenged the ordinance. 

Case Summary

Court Opinions
Supreme Court Cert Denial of October 13, 1998

6th Circuit Opinion of March 19, 1997
Supreme Court Remand of June 17, 1996
6th Circuit Opinion of May 12, 1995
District Court Opinion of August 9, 1994

Tennison v. Paulus

Who controls our children--the state through the public education system, or parents? According to staunch Outcome Based Education (OBE) supporters, it is the state. They believe children are merely resources to be managed like oil or timber. We couldn't disagree more. The fight for our schools and our children is happening now in this Oregon case. LATEST UPDATE




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