September 14, 1998

Office of the President
Steven W. Fitschen

The homosexual assault on marriage and the family continues! In Tennessee, a lesbian wants to force our client to give her the right to spend time with our client's 5 year old son!

Dear Friend of the Family,

Some things are right.

And some things are just plain wrong.

And one thing that really gets my blood boiling is when homosexuals and lesbians use America's legal system to try to turn something that is right into something that is wrong.

Let me tell you about such a situation . . . and also let you know how you can help us stop them!

In July of 1993, a woman named Terry gave birth to a son named Jeffery. Little did Terry know that Jeffery would one day become the subject of a lawsuit.

You see, in those days, Terry was deep in the throes of the lesbian "lifestyle." She and her lesbian lover had persuaded a liberal minister to "marry" them. Never mind that the "marriage" had no legal significance whatsoever.

Then Terry and her lover decided that they wanted a baby!

After going through artificial insemination, Terry conceived little Jeffery. How in the world Terry and her lover thought they had the right to tamper with God's design and force a child to come into this world in a lesbian household is beyond me!

So far, there isn't much good news in this story.

BUT . . . there is about to be!

In 1994, Terry broke off the relationship with her lover and then left the homosexual lifestyle all together. In fact, she eventually got engaged. This time to a man.

What could be better? Terry left behind a sinful and destructive "lifestyle" and found a man who was willing to accept her for the changed person she was . . .and give her son a home free of the destructive influence of that lifestyle. Jeffery would finally experience normal family life.

UNFORTUNATELY, there is more bad news.

Terry's former lover filed a lawsuit in Tennessee seeking visitation rights to Jeffery!

This lawsuit is outrageous and I will tell you about that in a moment. But first I want to tell you the tragic non-legal consequences of this lawsuit.

As you can imagine, this case -- involving as it does, a lesbian, a former lesbian, artificial insemination and a little child -- has been quite acrimonious. It has been incredibly stressful. And something that Terry and her fiancÚ had to live with every day.

Unfortunately, it eventually became more than Terry's fiancÚ could handle. He broke off their engagement.

There will be no wedding.

No matter how this lawsuit turns out and whatever else its cost, it has already cost Terry and Jeffery a chance for a normal family life. Let's just hope and pray that God will give them that chance again.

Now let me tell you about the actual case.

At the beginning of this letter, I wrote about how angry I get when homosexuals and lesbians use America's court system to turn something right into something wrong.

It's clear that Terry's ex-lover has done just that.

This lesbian has taken Terry's courageous efforts to remove Jeffery from the influence of the lesbian lifestyle and has used the courts to try to keep that influence in Jeffery's life . . . by demanding that she be given visitation rights.

But it gets worse.

The Tennesse judge refused to allow the ex-lover to have any visitation whatsoever . . . BUT she has appealed that ruling . . . protracting Terry and Jeffery's turmoil and pain.

That's where you and I come into the picture.

Terry's lawyer has asked the National Legal Foundation to help defend against this appeal.

We gladly said "Yes!" We agree with the judge -- Terry is Jeffery’s mother and has the right to keep her ex-lover away from Jeffery.

But by the time you get this letter we will only have days to go before our brief is due to the appeals court.

As you know, we don't charge our clients for our services. That's why we need your help. The next few days are critical to raising the finances necessary to fund this work that is already under way.

And please remember . . . this case is part of the larger homosexual assault on marriage in America.

Things like visitation rights and custody rights are part of what lawyers call the "incidents of marriage." In other words, they are part of the rights, benefits, and responsibilities of marriage.

Many homosexual and lesbian law professors have written articles advocating bringing lawsuits -- just like this one -- that will win the "incidents of marriage" for homosexuals.

In other words, they want homosexual partners to be treated just like married people. They think that Terry’s ex-lover -- and lesbians all across America -- should be treated the same as a father.

Do you see how this is all a part of the attack on marriage? What good is all of our work against same-sex marriage if the homosexuals can gain all of the benefits, rights, and responsibilities of marriage through the back door?

Marriage will have lost its unique God-created position as the well-spring of society. AND MAKE NO MISTAKE -- THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THE HOMOSEXUALS WANT!

So you see, this case is both about the well being of one little boy and his mom AND about the homosexual assault on marriage.

And that effects every single one of us!

Please help us help Terry and Jeffery . . . and defend the very institution of marriage itself.

Thank you for standing with us,



Steven W. Fitschen


P.S. Because we knew that the homosexual and lesbian law professors were advocating these tactics, we sent one of our lawyers to special training so that we would be ready to fight these fights. Now we have our first opportunity . . . our foresight has paid off.

Now all we need is your help. Please pray for favor with the appeals court. And please pray about sending your very best gift -- $50 or even $100 or whatever amount you can afford, large or small. And please act without delay -- we will be laboring on our brief even as you read this letter!



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