What is See You at the Pole?

Students at schools all across America annually gather at their school’s flagpole on the third Wednesday in September to pray for their schools, friends, teachers, government, and nation. This national event, called See You at the Pole, is student-initiated, student-organized, and student-led.  Generally, See You at the Pole has not been challenged, but the National Legal Foundation is available to assist students, parents, teachers, and school officials with questions concerning See You at the Pole.  As always, our services are provided free of charge.

Resource for Elemenary School Students and Teachers

Students in elementary, middle, and high schools can all participate in See You at the Pole, as can their teachers.  However, schools may be more concerned about allowing younger children or teachers to participate. Click here for information on Elementary students' and teachers' right to particate in SYATP.

For More Information

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