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beyond choice.jpg (260972 bytes) Beyond Choice: The Abortion Story No One is Telling
by Don Baker

Read this unbelievable true story of a woman who was forced to make unspeakable decisions. Warning: Graphically explicit--may not be suitable for children! $7.00

Hardcover, 98 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"

Multnomah Press

amer cov.jpg (168347 bytes) The American Covenant
Marshall Foster and Mary-Elaine Swanson

This book is must reading for all concerned Christians. See how God was in the center of the founding of our great nation. $5.00

Paperback, 136 pages, 11" x 8.5"

The Foundation for Christian Self-Government

1st amend violate.jpg (414609 bytes) Does the First Amendment Violate Itself?
Thomas L. Jipping, M.A., J.D.

Find out how the liberal judges have turned the First Amendment on its head. $5.00

Paperback, 120 pages, 11" x 8.5"

Free Congress Foundation




wpe2.jpg (19236 bytes) Foundations of Freedom

Two of the greatest documents in the history of our nation. In addition to these two documents at the heart of our freedom, this resource provides historical background, including a list of delegates and ratifications records.  $3.00

Saddle-stitched, 50 pages, 3.75" x 7"

National Legal Foundation



defend 1st amend.jpg (93905 bytes) Defending the First Amendment
by D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.

Read about the importance and the history of the First Amendment, and how we can reclaim our First Amendment rights. $3.00

Saddle-stitched, 42 pages

Coral Ridge Ministries



grad prayers.jpg (59272 bytes) Graduation Prayers: Clearing Up the Confusion

Were you told you could not pray at your graduation? You’ve been misled! This is a must have for anyone who wants to pray at their graduation, and keep God in the center of public life. $3.00

Saddle-stitched, 36 pages, 8.5" x 5.5"

The National Legal Foundation

holidays.jpg (231942 bytes) Religious Holidays In The Public Schools

Hesitant about celebrating Christ’s birth in your public school? Don't be! This information explains your rights to religious holiday celebrations in the public school. $1.50

The National Legal Foundation & Minuteman Institute

in God we trust.jpg (234226 bytes) "In God We Trust" and Its Application to the Coins and Currency of the United States of America

This briefing discusses the role of religion in America and the efforts to place a motto acknowledging God on our coins and currency. $1.50

The National Legal Foundation & Minuteman Institute

Procedural History of Federal Impeachment Resolutions, Inquires AND Trials & the Use of Select Committees in Impeachment Proceedings

These two briefings, prepared specifically for the Rules Committee and Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, are excellent historical resources for anyone interested in the impeachment of government officials. $2.00 for both

The National Legal Foundation & Minuteman Institute




see you at the pole.jpg (231848 bytes) See You at the Pole: The Rights of Elementary Students and Teachers

Every year we work to defend the rights of students to participate in See You at the Pole, so we created this resource to explain why, under the United States Constitution, teachers and elementary school students can participate. $1.50

religious liberties.jpg (237985 bytes) Religious Liberties on Public School Campuses

Religious Liberty is not dead on public school campuses , even after the Supreme Court’s disastrous Santa Fe opinion. This resource will tell you what rights school children can still exercise.



humanism.jpg (174140 bytes) What is being taught in the public schools? HUMANISM

Religion has not been removed from our classrooms. Christianity has simply been replaced with secular humanism. The effects are dramatic! $1.00

Baccalaureate.jpg (61516 bytes) Baccalaureate Services in Public Schools

A great guide for parents and youth leaders who want to organize baccalaureate services in public schools. $1.00


RU Law Review.jpg (123589 bytes) Impeaching Federal Judges: A Covenantal and Constitutional Response to Judicial Tyranny

This Regent University Law Review article (written by Steven Fitschen, President of the NLF) was cited 24 times during the Clinton Impeachment hearings. $5.00


bumber sticker.jpg (78515 bytes) In God We Trust Bumper sticker








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